Who We Are

I'm Paul Monroe, founder of iTechCare 24/7, and we have been serving Southern California for over 20 years.  As a computer expert I have seen just about every possible situation that can occur in this ever-changing technological environment. Because technology changes at such a rapid pace, people need to stay up to date and understand how to properly protect their information and technology investment.


I've come to know what my clients really want and need. Three things: support, reliability and someone they can trust.

Why Choose Us

We help businesses succeed by introducing them to new technologies in which in return helps them to grow their businesses more effectively with little to no down time.  From 24/7 Instant Support,  backup solutions, network setups, automated updates, monitoring, virus protection, email services and more, we offer everything they need to advance and stay protected in today’s fast moving world of technology.


Our clients have told us over and over that since they have come on-board with us, their lives are so much easier and they finally have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to deal with those pesky computer issues that arise.  Being able to eliminate up to 90% of typical service calls a month means a happier work environment, increased productivity, and more productive bottom line. 


iTechCare 24/7 monitors your IT environment at a low monthly fee so you don't have to think about it.  You'll have peace of mind knowing you can go on with your work and not worry about maintaining your computer network, security, updates, or how to clean up that virus.  With iTechCare 24/7 on your team, rest assured that you have the trust, reliability and IT support that you deserve.


“If I'm able to give you the tools that you need for you to succeed and make your life easier and more profitable and be a part of that, this would be a huge win”.


Paul Monroe.

Our Partners

Datto Certified Partner
Back Blaze
Team Viewer
DELL Partner Direct Registered